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What is the minimum amount owed that will restrict one from leaving the country? How can one remove such a restraining order?

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  • Last updated:2023-10-23
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I. In any situation stipulated in Article 17, Item 1 of the Administrative Execution Law, the administrative enforcement institution can order the obligatory party to provide a certain amount of bond within a certain timeframe and limit his/her place of residence (or right to leave the country) regardless of the outstanding amount.
* Article 17, Item 1 of Administrative Enforcement Law situations:
(I) Party has the means to fulfill the obligation but fails to do so.
(II) Party is considered a flight-risk.
(III) Party is hiding or disposing of assets to avoid enforcement.
(IV) Party is uncooperative or evasive with enforcement staff during investigation of enforcement target(s).
(V) Party fails to report or makes false reports about property status.
(VI) Party fails to appear after lawful notice.

II. The party must pay all outstanding amounts or provide bond to the administrative enforcement branch to apply for restraint removal.

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