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  On November 11, 1998, The Administrative Enforcement Law was amended and promulgated, 1998, and On February 3, 1999,the Organizational Act of the Administrative Enforcement Agency under the Ministry of Justice and the General Organizational Act of the Administrative Enforcement Branches was promulgated and implemented, turning those who overdue payment obligations set in public laws shall be exercised from the jurisdiction of the court into the Administrative Enforcement Branches(the “Branches”) founded under the Administrative Enforcement Agency under the of Ministry of Justice, and to be processed by enforcement officers in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Administrative Enforcement Law. The purpose of the Branches is to put the administrative enforcement system into action & demonstrate the government’s determination to enforce the law thru effective implementation, so the goals of the government may be attained, an equitable, law-abiding society may be established and justice will be done without delay.
  Taoyuan Branch was established on January 1, 2001, to process overdue payment case that not yet closed by Taoyuan District Court, as well as those turned over from other agencies pursuant to the Administrative Enforcement Law. It upholds the value of honest, efficient、friendly and injects concepts of business management into the administrative system. Public opinion and customer service oriented, it stresses mobility, goal management and teamwork, so it may attain maximum benefits thru minimum cost and create a new agency that is known for its new cultures.


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