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Tasks and Responsibilities

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The Administration Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice has appointed, for Taoyuan Branch, a Branch Director to supervise all its personnel and operations. Under the Branch Director, there are several offices including the First Division, Second Division, Secretariat Office, Personnel Office, Accounting office, Statistics Office and the Civil Service Ethics Office. The functions of the above offices are highlighted below:
Function / Division or Office Functions
First Division/Second Division
  1. Enforcement task of legal monetary payment obligations (including financial cases).
  2. Enforcement Clerks are responsible for supervision, auditing and approval of the compulsory enforcement of legal monetary payment obligations (including financial cases).
  3. Detention and custody application in relation to compulsory enforcement of legal monetary payment obligations (including financial cases).
  4. Coordination and liaison in relation to compulsory enforcement of legal monetary payment obligations (including financial cases).
  5. Handling declared objection to compulsory enforcement of legal monetary payment obligations (including financial cases).
  6. Other matters relating to compulsory enforcement of legal monetary payment obligations (including financial cases).
Secretariat Office
  1. Consideration of administrative enforcement laws and regulations and judicial administrative affairs in the Branch.
  2. Collection, organization, research and editing of information relating to administrative enforcement laws and regulations.
  3. Drafting of administration reports and work reports.
  4. Planning, supervision and evaluation of integrated plans, research and development, documentation and reminder sending, public service work, as well as the other monitoring and evaluation work.
  5. Custody of the Branch’s seal.
  6. Management, receipts and payments of cash, notes and securities.
  7. Management of janitors and technical workers.
  8. Management of properties and articles and maintenance of dormitories.
  9. Office maintenance, repairs and processing of purchases.
  10. Preparation of information, signage and record of all discussed matters in the Branch’s meetings.
  11. Receipt and dispatch, writing-up and proofreading of official documents, archive management and printing of documents.
  12. Planning, management and maintenance of the Branch’s network, network connection, and other information business.
  13. Instructed work by superiors which does not fall into the responsibilities of other offices.
Personnel Office
  1. Verification and signing prospective appointment, dismissal and transfer of staff.
  2. Verification, approval and transfer of personnel cases.
  3. Setting and signing salary grade and examining remuneration standard.
  4. Attendance and punctuality assessment.
  5. Considering and approving awards and punishments.
  6. Prospective training, further education and study trips.
  7. Preparation, verification and transfer of evaluation result.
  8. Consideration, verification and transfer of pension, redundancy payment, comfort money cases.
  9. Mutual help, benefits and cultural activities.
  10. Registration of all personnel information reports.
  11. Verification and issuance of personnel certificates.
  12. Civil service insurance-related matters.
  13. Other related personnel matters.
Accounting Office
  1. Drafting of annual budget and preparation of performance reports.
  2. Drafting (and amendment) of annual allocation budget.
  3. Approval and application for carrying down and reservation of budget.
  4. Control and execution of annual budget, verification of receipt and payment vouchers, registration of accounting ledgers, proof of accounts, preparation of accounting reports, keeping and submitting all original documents for examination.
  5. Reviewing receipts and payments in advance, and receipts and payments in custody and the related accounting procedures.
  6. Supervision of purchases in accordance with the Government Procurement Law and related laws and regulations.
  7. Reviewing the processing and custody of cash, securities, and deposits in the public treasury.
  8. Relevant accounting personnel matters.
  9. Other related accounting matters.
Statistics Office
  1. Collect, organization, compilation and analysis of statistical data.
  2. Preparation, management and provision of regular statistics reports.
  3. Establishment and management of statistics database.
  4. Other related statistical matters.
Civil Service Ethics Office
  1. Execution and review of civil service ethical work plans.
  2. Publicity of laws relating to civil service ethics.
  3. Prevention and uncovering of staff corruption, and handling reports of staff corruption.
  4. Recommending ways to boost civil service ethics.
  5. Civil service ethical awards and punishments of the Branch.
  6. Maintenance of official secrets.
  7. Prevention of organizational harm and damage, and assistance in handling appeals and complaints.
  8. Other related civil service ethical matters.
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