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Poster of credit card payment processing

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  • Last updated:2020-03-19
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Credit Card Payment Platform for Public Agency Fee

To increase the penetration rate of electronic payments and to expand the credit card acceptance channels, NCCC established a “Credit Card Payment Platform for Public Agency Fee” allowing the general public to pay government bodies related fees and bills over the counters by credit card. The payment platform also applies to public hospital’s related medical service fees (not including plastic surgery, postnatal nursing and physical examination). To provide more payment channels to the people, it is also planned to add online payment and mobile APP functions onto the platform; thus, enabling the general public to experience the convenience of mobile payments at various channels.
To coordinate with the government policy of bringing greater convenience to the people and to provide incremental service functions to the credit card issuers, NCCC has partnered with Chunghwa Telecom and motor vehicle administration bodies in providing the general public with fee payment services, where people can use credit card to pay school registration fee, public service related charges, motor vehicle administration fees and various types of taxes by obtaining transaction authorization via phone voice operating system or via Internet. The business scope includes the following:

(1)E-government service platform: including “school registration & miscellaneous fees” and “on-campus administration affairs fees” charged by all levels of schools as well as public service related fees charged by all levels of government bodies who participate on the e-government service platform.
(2)Motor vehicle administration fee: including traffic violation fine, fuel fee, handling fee, license plate fee, license plate number selection charge, etc.
(3)Various types of taxes: including payments of Individual Consolidated Income Tax, assessed tax, as well as business tax, etc.

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